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101 CAS Ideas

101 CAS Ideas, So Much To Do...


1. Drawing.
2. Painting.
3. Building structures in Minecraft.
4. Playing other building / creative games, like Terraria or Cities Skylines.
5. Origami.
6. Write short stories.
7. Write movie or book reviews.
8. Creating posters promoting a cause.
9. Debating.
10. Creative cooking and baking.
11. Creating quizzes on Sporcle.
12. Learning the basics of a coding language.
13. Doing basic 3D modelling.
14. Learning to play a music instrument, like the guitar or the violin.
15. Making simplistic jewellery.
16. Learning another language for a while.
17. Learning photoshop.
18. Learning card tricks.
19. Doing ”Escape Rooms”.
20. Drawing with crayons.
21. Learning to sew accessories.
22. Write poetry.
23. Write a play.
24. Participate in creative writing competitions.
25. Compose songs.
26. Write for your local or school newspaper.
27. Colour, design and add artwork clothes.
28. Display them in an exhibition.
29. Act in a play.
30. Write a movie or a TV show screenplay.
31. Make that into a short film!
32. Do some scrapbooking.
33. Do calligraphy.
34. Participate in a talent show.


1. Horse riding.
2. Boxing.
3. Wrestling.
4. Karate.
5. Running for distances or speed.
6. Basketball.
7. American football.
8. Soccer.
9. Ice hockey.
10. Cricket.
11. Cycling for distance or speed.
12. Playing chess.
13. Table tennis.
14. Regular tennis.
15. Roller skating.
16. Exercising at home, like following an abs exercising routine.
17. Weight lifting.
18. Volleyball.
19. Trying out yoga.
20. Skiing.
21. Going to the gym.
22. Archery.
23. Having daily or monthly step challenges and goals.
24. Doing a hike.
25. Running a marathon.
26. Learn or improve your skateboarding.
27. Do mountain climbing.
28. Or tree climbing.
29. Try out CrossFit.
30. Swimming.
31. Kayaking.
32. An online exercising session.
33. Hoola hooping.
34. Dance!


1. Clean up your local area.
2. Contribute to Google Translate especially if you are a speaker of a little-spoken language.
3. Write Amazon reviews.
4. Transcribing documents for the Smithsonian Institute.
5. Contributing to Wikipedia articles.
6. Teaching kids.
7. Judging on any panel, like school debate.
8. Volunteering at a food bank.
9. Organising a debate.
10. Organising a quiz game, using Kahoot.
11. Participating in a discussion or debate on social and economic justice issues.
12. If you can sing or play an instrument join, local concerts or sing on the street.
13. Join a local band.
14. Partake in your school events and festivals.
15. Build animal shelters.
16. Or homes for the homeless.
17. Create nesting boxes for birds.
18. Start a fundraising campaign for an important cause.
19. Create artwork or write content for NGOs.
20. Join advocacy groups (e.g. Amnesty International).
21. Organise and exhibition in your school.
22. Help your school to prepare and conduct examinations.
23. Volunteer for your country’s junior volunteer or government organisations.
24. Report on polluters or a polluted environment.
25. Represent your school or class at local events. 26. Using your biology or environmental systems and societies skills to test the quality of air and water in your local area.
27. Start a club, whether that is a youth parliament, MUN, debating or a chess one.
28. Write thank you cards and send them to hospitals, fire stations, etc. Whoever you think deserves it!
29. Create and donate face masks.
30. Volunteer in organisations protecting election integrity.
31. Participate in youth organisations, which are aimed towards peace like CISV.
32. Take part in a protest, like Fridays for Climate.
33. Organise a clothing collection fair or help an organisation collect unused clothes and distribute them to the needy.

Justas Pakasius

Hello! My name is Justas and I finished my IB diploma with a grade of 41/45 at Vilnius lyceum. Currently studying at Columbia University in the City of New York.
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