Jun 30 / Helwan Felappi, MA @ HEC

How To Get A Great IB Grade

Luck or Skill?

Intense Study Before The Exam

In my personal experience, success in the IB results from the combination of multiple factors. Luck is not one of them. If you are well prepared, you can achieve your predicted score no matter what the examiners throw at you. In my case, a steady but not too heavy work routine over the two years, followed by an extremely intense three weeks right before exam season, allowed me to arrive at my table on test day fully confident.

It’s thus important to put in effort and a good amount of work. But it’s also essential to not just work hard, but also work efficiently. That’s why doing past papers is so important. It can show exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are, so that you can focus your revision on exactly the right areas and maximize the utility you get from studying. 

Outside The Classroom

Finally, it doesn’t just come down to studying. Having a healthy body and mind, and being able to handle stress, is just as primordial. So don’t give up your favourite sport, and don’t forget to take time to rest your mind and allow it to process the information you’re collecting during your revision.

For example, every hour during revision period, I would stand up and go for a walk in the neighbourhood. This cleared my mind, relieved stress, and I was then ready to go at it again with a high level of concentration and motivation.

Helwan Felappi

I studied the IB in Bratislava, Slovakia, finishing with a grade of 43/45. At the moment I am doing my graduate studies in the HEC Business School.
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