Jul 5 / Helwan Felappi, MA @ HEC

How To Begin Writing A Research Paper?

Internal Assessments, Extended Essays & Other IB Essays 


Most of my research papers, including the Extended Essays, were on social science or humanities subjects. The optimal methodology is a bit different for Science papers, or languages, and we’ll cover these a bit later.


Choosing the topic. Jot down ideas, brainstorm, get everything out of your head. Don’t decide straight away. Maybe read some specialized magazines for inspiration. 

Validate it with your teacher, and then do background research. Construct a corpus of sources. I personally first gave a look at wikipedia, for an overarching view of the subject, before digging deeper. A good way to go further is by looking at the sources cited at the end of the Wikipedia page.

Self Evaluation

Don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher, ask for advice...etc. Try not to be too influenced, but also check out examples of successful papers on IBRocket or other e-learning sites. Scour the grading sheet. It is usually extremely detailed and precise, as the IB has to standardize its grading around the thousands of schools offering it worldwide. 

Helwan Felappi

I studied the IB in Bratislava, Slovakia, finishing with a grade of 43/45. At the moment I am doing my graduate studies in the HEC Business School.
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