Jul 7 / Helwan Felappi, MA @ HEC

IB Skills Useful For University

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What Makes The IB Special

Taking the IB was one of the academic experiences I most cherish. It helped me not only become more organized and rigorous, but it also brought a lot to me on a purely intellectual level. Because it’s important to never lose sight of why you are doing the IB.

At the end of the day, we all know we’re here to try getting a fantastic score and get into the university we want. But the IB goes beyond this strictly utilitarian goal. It’s one of the first times when you mostly only take subjects that YOU have chosen, subjects that interest and fascinate you. It’s important to take full advantage of this. One of the main ways in which the IB contributed to my life was by making me more aware of much I loved studying Economics and History, which I then continued at university. 

Value Of IAs & EEs

Besides, doing investigative research work, like IAs and the EE, can truly reveal to you, or at least start giving you an idea, of what university will be like, and whether a more academic career would suit you. But of course don’t give up your dream of becoming an historian or a physicist just because you’re struggling a bit with your IB coursework!

Helwan Felappi

I studied the IB in Bratislava, Slovakia, finishing with a grade of 43/45. At the moment I am doing my graduate studies in the HEC Business School.
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