Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBRocket? 

IBRocket is a small e-learning startup with a big vision. We want students to shoot for the moon and work hard to help them get there. IBRocket is an all-in-one exam preparation solution for students, schools and teachers.

What can IBRocket offer?

IBRocket is a comprehensive e-platform providing high-quality exam preparation content. One platform. One subscription.‍
1. All-in-one study-space
Instead of searching the web for notes and videos, students will have a single monthly subscription, and a simple login to allow access to their own personalised study space and e-learning platform. An all-in-one workspace, and crucial part of the digital backpack
2. Premium Content‍
Our brand is to be built around product quality and the user experience of our platform.We will have premium notes, exams and essays from top students, verified in turn byqualified teachers. From videos, to audio-visual learning material we will be constantly beupdating and revising the material to ensure our customers get the best service available.
3. Learning Analytics‍
Data on a students study time, past performance in certain topics and ability toconcentrate/organise certain tasks, can be very useful to both students and teachers indetermining what to focus on. We have powerful data technology to track these keyindicators of progress.

How does the service work?

It’s really not rocket science. After subscribing, you’ll have unlimited access to all the content related to your six IB subjects from your very own personal space. From there, you’ll be able to read study guides, example essays and IAs, as well as notes. Interactive, adaptive mock exams will allow you to practice extensively and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you’ll be able to track your progress in detail, so you can be as efficient as possible in your revision. In short, IBRocket gives you all the tools to excel in the IB, whether for your coursework or your exams. 

Who makes the study guides and practice papers?

The study guides are elaborated by teams of alumni and university students, who are selected rigorously based on three criteria:
1. Expertise in the subject
2. Grades and academic level
3. Teaching experience and qualifications.
This ensures our content is of the highest possible quality.

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